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Statistics - Econometrics - Forecasting

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Welcome to our popular scientific resources website about Descriptive Statistics, Continuous Statistical Distributions, Hypothesis Testing, Econometrics, and Time Series Analysis (Forecasting). Best of all: it is all free of charge!

The Formulae section contains a whole series of widely used statistical formulae about descriptive statistical measures and continuous distributions.

Check any of these widely used descriptive statistics:

central tendency (mean, median, root mean square, midmean) with free calculator

concentration (entropy, exponential index, Herfindahl, variation coefficient, Gini coefficient, Lorenz curve) with free calculator
box plots (hinge, midspread, interquartile range, whiskers, fences, outliers, extremes, outermost)
density trace (kernel, distance, density)
moments (general, non centered, centered) with free calculator
correlations (Pearson, covariance, determination coefficient) with free calculator
partial correlations (Pearson product moment partial correlation) with free calculator
quartiles (weighted average, empirical distribution, closest observation, TrueBasic®, Excel®) with free calculator
simple linear regression (general linear model, mean and variances, covariance, correlation, least squares estimation, parameters, response, significance, determination coefficient, ANOVA, residuals, autocorrelation, model selection, model performance) with free calculator
histograms (mean, standard deviation, range, interval size, number of intervals, goodness of fit)
skewness (Pearson, Yule, Beta, Gamma) with free calculator
kurtosis (Beta, Gamma) with free calculator
rank order correlation (corrected, non-corrected) with free calculator
variability (range, variance, standard deviation, variation, mean squared error, Herfindahl, mean absolute deviation, quartiles, Gini mean difference, Leik's D, dispersion, diversity, mean squared deviation, mean absolute deviation) with free calculator
Check out the online applications with various free statistics calculators: correlation, partial correlation, rank correlation, simple regression, skewness, kurtosis, moments, quartiles, percentiles, concentration, variability, central tendency.

Detailed descriptions about the following continuous statistical distributions are available:
Beta | Inverted Beta | Cauchy 1 | Cauchy (2 parameters) | Chi | Chi Square (1 parameter) | Chi Square (2 parameters) | Erlang | Exponential | Fisher F | Gamma | Inverted Gamma | Gumbel | Laplace | Logistic | Lognormal | Normal | Pareto | Power | Rayleigh | r-Distribution | Rectangular (Uniform) | Student t | Triangular | Weibull

An introduction into Statistical Hypothesis Testing is available:
Introduction | Testing the Mean (known Variance) | Variance Testing | Testing the Mean (unknown Variance) | Testing the Population Proportion

The Econometrics section contains chapters about Econometrics (see also free calculator), Regression Extensions, Mathematical Models, and Box-Jenkins Time Series Analysis (Forecasting).

These are the contents of our Online Econometrics Textbook:
Introduction to Econometrics (including matrix algebra)
Linear Regression Techniques (Least Squares and Maximum Likelihood)
Regression Extensions (autocorrelation, heteroskedasticity, multicollinearity, nonlinearity, simultaneous equations, misspecification)
Mathematical Models in Econometrics


Check out the (Box-Jenkins) Time Series Analysis & Forecasting section of our website (see also free calculator):
ARIMA Identification
Univariate Stochastic ARIMA Model Estimation
Univariate Stochastic ARIMA Model Checking
Univariate Stochastic ARIMA Model Forecasting
Transfer Function-Noise Models
Multiple Time Series Models



We would like to hear from you. Please, send us suggestions about how we can improve this website to make it more enjoyable (suggestions@xycoon.com). If you want to contribute to our scientific resources section, send us an e-mail to contributions@xycoon.com. The Xycoon team thanks all visitors for the many e-mails with feedback, suggestions, and support!

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