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Free Online Software (Application Service Providers)


Free Online Software

Descriptive Statistics
ARIMA (Box-Jenkins) Time Series Analysis & Forecasting
Mathematical Equation Plotter

The following online software can be used free of charge for non-commercial, academic purposes:

Free Online Software for Statistics, and Econometrics

Free Statistics Calculator

Econometrics Software

Quartiles Compute Quartiles of a data series according to 8 different definitions
Moments Compute Centered and Uncentered Moments of a data series
Skewness Compute Skewness measures of data series.
Kurtosis Compute Kurtosis measures of data series.
Concentration Compute Concentration measures (such as the Gini coefficient)
Central tendency Compute measures of Central Tendency (averages, medians, etc...).
Variability Computes various measures of Variability (range, variance, standard error, variation, MSE, MAD, interquartile difference, quartile variation, etc...).
Correlation Compute the correlations between data series
Partial correlation Compute the partial correlation matrix of a given matrix
Rank correlation Compute Spearman Rank Order Correlation with associated significance tests.
Simple Linear Regression Compute Simple Linear Regression Models based on the Ordinary Least Squares method.
Multiple Linear Regression Compute Multiple Linear Regression Models based on the Ordinary Least Squares method. This calculator includes various types of specifications, and tests about underlying model assumptions: Ramsey's RESET test for misspecification, Breusch-Godfrey test for autocorrelation, ARCH(p) test for heteroskedasticity, and much more...

Free Online Software for Time Series Analysis, and Forecasting
Free Forecasting Software

Scientific Forecasting allows Univariate Time Series Analysis, and Forecasting according to the methodology of Box-Jenkins (ARIMA models).

Features Description
Timeplot Plot a time series by time and compute various descriptive statistics
SMP Standard Deviation-Mean Plot allows to identify non-stationarity of the variance.
ACF Auto Correlation Function
PACF Partial Auto Correlation Function
(F/B)RACF Foreward/Backward Running Auto Correlation Function
Stem and Leaf Plot Stem and Leaf Plot of time series.
Rootogram The Suspended Root Display (normality test)
Spectrum The time series' Spectrum and Cumulative Periodogram
VRM Variance Reduction Matrix
ADF Augmented Dickey-Fuller tests for Unit Roots.
Transformations Box-Cox transform, seasonal, and non-seasonal differencing, and various types of univariate functions
ARIMA ARIMA parameter estimation
Forecasting Forecasting based on ARIMA model
Residuals Compute residuals of ARIMA model for analysis purposes
Original Residuals Compute residuals of ARIMA model in original metrics
MAPE Compute Mean Absolute Percentage Errors (extrapolation forecasts).
AI Artificial Intelligence model identification, and checking

Other applications

Here you find online applications from third parties**:

Forecasting Resources

Time Series Analysis Resources and Forecasting Software: Time-Series-Analysis.com is a community-driven collection of weblinks, free datasets, free software, free source code and algorithms about Time Series Statistics, Econometrics, and Time Series Analysis (univariate and multivariate Forecasting).

Trials and Experiments

Statistical considerations for clinical trials and scientific experiments

Statistical considerations for clinical trials and scientific experiments

Find sample size, power or the minimal detectable difference for parallel studies, crossover studies, or studies to find associations between variables, where the dependent variable is Success or Failure, a Quantitative Measurement. or a or a time to an event such as a survival time.

Online Statistical Calculators

A range of web site which enable the calculation of Statistical principles


A list of interesting online calculators based on statistical methodology.

Check My IP Address

Check your computer's IP address and browser-related vulnerabilities with this online service


Shows you what kind of information is sent to public webservers when you are surfing.

* The use of this academic software is free (no license fee applies). However, some users may wish to pay a small hosting fee for a personal or group workspace (only accessible to the user/group). This is an overview of the various workspaces we currently offer.

** Even though we maintain high selection standards for our sponsors, we are not responsible for content/applications featured by third party websites. Please, feel free to report any inadequate content in websites of sponsors. It is our policy to remove all hate-related, illegal, family-unfriendly, and banned website links.

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