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Descriptive Statistics - Pearson Product Moment Correlation - Example

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Example Data Set ()


ASCII Text or MS Excel 2000 Sheet.

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Variable Y               Mean :    134.505882
                     Variance :    523.191142
           Standard Deviation :     22.873372

Variable X               Mean :     76.311765
                     Variance :    267.736332
           Standard Deviation :     16.362651

Covariance                    :   -354.297128
Coefficient       Correlation :      -.946638
                Determination :       .896123

t-Test Statistic        Value :    -11.375474
           Degrees of Freedom :     15
                  Probability :      1.000000

Number of Observations        :     17

Descriptive Statistics - Pearson Product Moment Correlation - Example

() Theil, H.

Principles of Econometrics

North Holland, Amsterdam, 1971, p. 102.

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