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Xycoon Exchange - Free Online Educational Stock Exchange Game


Invest your funds without fear or favor and become a millionaire overnight.

Resa Corporation developed a Stock Exchange Simulator (Xycoon Exchange) allowing you to get acquainted with the Stock Exchange and the Financial Markets. Invest your funds without fear or favor - become a millionaire overnight. Beware, late-braking news reaches your trading room - you have about a few seconds to react. Is the dollar rising? Did the Market in Hong Kong crash? Be vigilant, analyze the situation with all the software tools we provide you with. Make decisions determinedly and obtain a higher market value than your opponent-players.

As you buy and sell wholeheartedly, as you watch corporate news flash by, and as you analyze all the charts, you will become familiar with the fundamental concepts that drive the Financial Markets. Learn to interpret "best bid" and "best ask" like a pro, apply your insights to assess the effects of financial news, and cultivate your moneymaking instincts to fulfill your boldest dream: to beat the Financial Markets!

Xycoon Exchange will be back online soon!

We are dedicated to bring Xycoon Exchange, the educational stock exchange game, back online! The game will be available free of charge and is aimed at small groups of players (classes). A typical game will last about 45-60 minutes. Through a series of screens, the participants are enabled to consult news bulletins, to place orders that are matched against those of other players, to view their own portfolio, to look at time series charts, and much more...

The new web version of Xycoon Exchange was built to operate on any computer platform. Companies that are interested in using Xycoon Exchange on their servers may inquire about licensing here.

Logon to Xycoon Exchange

Beta testers may logon to the secure test server here (note: only registered Beta Testers are allowed access).
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